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Octopus & Dragon Kites

Easy to fly in moderate breezes, Octopus Kites and Dragon Kites are a great choice for kids and adults alike. With their long flowing tails, they are unique kiting creations unlike any other in the sky

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Small Octopus Kites

These small Octopus Kites are a fun variation on the traditional Dragon Kite. With their split tails and bright colors, they won't fail to delight as they swim across the skyline with every gust of wind. They are very light pulling and are a great kite for little kids.

 Opie the Octopus Kite
 Opie the Octopus Kite
Opie the Octopus
A super kite for kid kite flyers! An Opie the Octopus Kite never fails to delight!

1'-8" wide X 7'-9" long

Handle with 150' of Twisted Kiteline included

a great choice for kids!  A Great Kite for Young Children

$20 Choose Your Color:

Currently Sold Out

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Mid-Sized Dragon Kites

A huge impact for a budget price, these Mid-Sized Dragon Kites are easy for adults or older kids to fly, and put on an amazing show with their flowing 35 foot tails.

 Sunshine Dragon Kite Sunshine Dragon
An elegantly beautiful big impact kite, the Sunshine Dragon kite puts on a stunning display with it's long tail floating lazily in the breeze!

1'-9" wide X 35'-0" long

Handle with 150' of 50# Twisted Kiteline included
a great choice older for kids!  A Great Kite for Older Children

$32  #N-54304

Temporarily Out of Stock

 More Info on the Sunshine Dragon Kite

Large Dragon Kites

You can't help but be impressed with the color and spectacle of these super long kites. They put on a mesmerizing dance as their long tails gracefully float in the breeze. They're a great kite for adults or older kids.

 Swan Dragon Kite Swan Dragon Kite
Elegant and graceful, the Swan is a stunningly beautiful example of a traditional Dragon Kite.

1'-7" wide X 45'-0" long

Handle with 150' of 30# Twisted Kiteline included

$38  #P-43126

Temporarily Out Of Stock

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