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What's HOT!

Each new season brings the kite flying community a number of hot new kite designs! If you're looking for something completely different, check out these great  kites!

Spotlight Delta Kite
Spotlight Delta Kite
Spotlight Delta Kite
This stunning new 6' delta kite from G-Kites delivers great performance and quality at a very affordable price. Superior craftsmanship ensures a long life and years of flying fun for you and your family!

6'-0" Wingspan
Streamer tails included
50# Kiteline recommended (not included)

a great choice for kids!  A Great Kite for Young Children

$30 Choose Your Color:

Red  #D-0201R
Yellow  #D-0201Y

   More Info on the Spotlight Delta Kites

 Acrobatx Stunt Kite
 Acrobatx Stunt Kite
An extraordinarily nimble kite, the Acrobatx is ready for whatever you can throw at it! Highly technical advanced trick flying is it's specialty, with amazingly tight turns and easy stalls. If you're ready to take your skills to the next level, you won't go wrong with the Acrobatx!

7'-2 1/2" wingspan

80# Dynema line, winder & wrist straps included

Skill Level:
Skill Level 3 Skilled-Intermediate

$112  Choose Your Color:
Rainbow  #F-16003   Temporarily Out Of Stock
Blue  #F-16001

    More Info on the Acrobatx Stunt Kites
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